Don’t Be Left Behind

At the end of the day,
Who will be your ultimate master?
If you run for the Lord, race faster.

Claim the Name, He has risen,
For soon He will call us to the Heaven high,
Don’t be one left behind to believe the lie.

Hardened red scales,
Do not protect the belly of the beast,
Words of the sword pierce hard and deep.

Through your prayers,
You keep that dragon at bay,
Pray without ceasing, night and day.

Cleanse yourself with all confessions,
For when he creeps deep in your heart,
It’s only Jesus who will keep you set apart.

Those thoughts manifesting,
In your untrained, unprotected mind,
Are the ones the enemy will use to bind.

Fear not my little child on milk,
Soon you will grow and feast on meat,
and then lay crowns at Jesus’ feet.

Study, pray, put on your armour of God,
For when the judgement day does come,
You will be seated with the Holy One.