Salty Dog

I met an old, salty dog
At the park today,
He could barely walk,
But the life lines on his face,
Had a lot to say.

He sat next to me,
As I ate my lunch,
He began to talk,
And talk a whole bunch.

It is nice to meet you,
I hear him quietly say,
I tell him about my service,
Then came his stories,
from back in the day.

It was nice to connect,
And hear what he said,
I was glad to feel that,
Camaraderie’s not dead.

His voice trailed off,
As we stared at the flag,
He spoke of the wars,
And then about his dad.

He grew up Marine Corps,
Traveled the world,
But nothing prepared him,
When his father’s flag was furled.

He has lost so many,
To cancer, to war,
The scars he carries,
Are too many to score.

He seemed to want to share,
Some secret about life,
But soon she came to get him,
Along came his wife.

She asked if he was ready,
And he nodded yes,
He then turned to me and said,
Love life, laugh often…and God Bless.
Oooh Rah.