Forged by Fluid Fire

This abstract world of my mind,
Only understood by me,
By His power and saving grace,
Jesus came and set me free.

Fluid fire of energy,
Flowing through my veins,
A slow burning crazy,
Yet… I feel no pain.

Holding on to Jesus,
Through every turn,
Feeling like a molten sword,
Wanting to feel the burn.

The twisted veil of thoughts,
Racing through my head,
All my body wanted to do,
Was go to sleep in bed.

Called upon my Warriors,
To help me pray and fight,
This is a long, bumpy road,
During a dark, winter’s night.

God’s love pulled me through,
As I sit and write these words down,
A reason to smile has come back,
To replace this tear stained frown.

This forged by fluid fire,
Teaches what I’m supposed to be,
Slowly purifying me like gold,
Until my flesh dies into eternity.

Through this I gain wisdom,
Over the years, as I grow old,
I am called to help others,
As they, too, are purified to be bold.