Do You Know Jesus?

For all those hurting. We love you. God loves you.

Maybe they can see the rain in your eyes
But they don’t see you guarding the flood in your heart.
The gates finally broke and
you just, you just fell apart.

We are now left to wonder

Did you ever find Jesus…
amongst all those storms,
Did the Angel’s try to stop you,
When you closed life’s door?

So many questions,
So many whys,
So many what-ifs,
Are now left behind.

No more hugs,
Too many tears,
No good byes,
And a heart left, seared.

Oh how we cry to Jesus
For those already gone…
We pray for those hurting
Who hear this song ,
And For those who,
Don’t know how to cry,
For all who are lost
And those unwell in their minds.

To all those wandering, feeling alone
God’s right there next to you,
And on the throne,
He’s reaching for you,
In the dead of the night,
Give Him your storms,
And ask Him to help you fight….

Let Him ask you many questions,
Let Him help you find out the whys,
Let Him help shelter you from what ifs,
Let Him take away the sorrowful good byes.

You can find Jesus,
Amongst all the storms,
He wants you in Heaven,
When life closes its door.

So many hugs,
Gold streets paved,
So much love
Filled with souls saved.

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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