Her Cologne

The smell of sanitizer,
The scent of help,
Hits you when you walk in.

This scent of help, manifests,
Envelopes the senses,
Slowly taking you prision.

She sees some at peace,
Others who have lost hope,
The cure, not in their provision.

She does her best,
To put to rest all of their fears,
With professional decision.

Saving lives,
Saying goodbyes,
Cleaning incisions.

Taking blood pressures,
Just as she envisioned.

This sterilized smell is carried home
Worn as perfume,
On the uniform she washes alone.

Visitors know all to well,
This is her calling,
This is her cologne.

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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