The War On Freedom

The fallen statues,
Littered all around,
Bits and pieces of polished concrete.
All now spilled all over the ground.
These once great people,
Were parts of history.

There’s a long, gravel road up ahead,
Gray pebbles lead the way,
With footprints of you and me.
Us weary travelers march,
Toward a stark future ahead,
One we cannot see.

There’s a flag waving,
In the winds of dust,
It once represented peace.
Torn and tatterered,
Old glory flies,
It is freedom that we seek.

And until then,
We keep moving on,
Before we lose our speech.
So many we have lost,
So much isolation and shame,
Our nation at war, so bleek.

There’s a long gravel road up ahead,
Gray peebles lead the way…
What happened to old glory?
What happened to yesterday?

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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