I Just Can’t Get Myself Around

Camouflage my feelings,
But you see right through,
You know me better,
Then I do.
I just can get myself around.

Living in the land of confusion,
In my broken brain,
That spills out into my every day,
Steady, I am trying to remain.
I just don’t what to do.

I want to get to normal,
As fast as I can,
With bipolar in the way,
That wasn’t the plan,
A route I did not want to take.

Tired of living the victim life,
Living the gray,
When it’s nice outside,
I want in colors to play.
Oh Lord, help me now.

It’s time for me to stand,
I am ready for a change.
I don’t think I can,
But, I can’t ignore the rage.
It comes whether I like it or not.

Can You send some support?
I am feeling alone,
Feeling like a robot,
And a drone,
I can see, but just can’t get down.

They keep their distance
With what’s going on here,
I feel so crazy,
And all we do is stare,
Why can’t we just talk?

I have lost friends,
With this war raging on,
I am going to climb up in your lap,
And rest on the Son.

Why can’t I just be calm?

Hug me tight,
Never let go,
As my mind,
Has it’s ebb and flow,
I just can’t get myself around.

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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