I Am Here

Scars across my heart and wrists,
A time where I missed life’s bliss,
A time I didn’t see my worth,
A time I wanted to leave this earth.

And on that night,
I heard Him say,
“I am always here with you, night and day.”

Those words put a chill down my spine,
I wanted to lose a life I thought was mine,
Peace washed over me like the sea to the shore,
I decided I wanted to live this life for Him more.

He had dispatched His angels to watch over me,
I wanted to run, I wanted to flee,
The Holy Spirit ministered to my heart,
One that was twisted and torn apart.

And on that night,
I heard Him say,
“I am always here with you, night and day.”

“Don’t focus on your circimstances, enemies, or fears,
Even though your eyes flood with tears,
My child, come back to Me,
For I am THE one and only authority.”

“I am carrying you this night,
I have already won the fight,
I am your rock, your protector, your shield,
Just submit to Me and yield.”

“Live your life with Me by your side,
Don’t turn back and try to hide,
For with you, I am always near,
I am with you, I am here.”

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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