Midnight in My Mind

The sun is shining,
It is a beautiful day,
The birds are chirping,
Just singing away,
Yet, it is midnight in my mind.

Oh cloud of sorrow,
Depart from me now,
You unfurl the gray matter of my brain,
Smothering each cell with your stain…
Of lies

The blackness consumes the gray,
The blackness convinces me,
I am not loved or worthy,
I am not appreciated or sturdy,
It tries.

When the blackness wins,
I succumb to its demise,
And it becomes midnight in my mind.

You choke me with your pollution,
Making me want to incinerate you,
But that would make me harm myself…
So, I shall collect you up and put you on my shelf,
And say good byes.

Oh light of Jesus,
Shine away all the shadows,
That call my name.

Oh light of the Holy Spirit,
Fill my soul,
Take away the shame.

Oh light of God,
Take me from this time,
Take away the midnight in my mind.