Choose Wisely

When standing on the line,
Between the world and God,
Staring at a life decision,
To whom will you nod?

You remember all the promises,
The Lord has made to you,
Yet, the wanting of this thing,
Dances seductively, calling to.

The right and moral decision,
Is just a prayer away,
If you choose your own strength,
You will lose and go astray.

If you listen to your heart,
And ignore the Scripture in your mind,
You surely will fall deep into this,
Into an ugly thing that’s not so kind.

No one else can decide for you,
Remember, you are not alone,
Listen to your Heavenly Father,
Who sits on the Holy Throne.

He will always guide you,
He loves you more than you know,
He can take away temptation,
He will alarm you to flee and go.

So keep your ears wide open,
Listen for His still, quiet voice,
Study the Word, pray often,
But He will always give you the choice.

Choose wisely, Child of God.