The Date

Sweaty palms,
Too nervous to eat,
I sit here before you,
Oh, what a treat.

You asked me to dine,
At a table so pretty,
I am hanging on your every word,
You are so funny and witty.

I am not normally quiet,
Yet, I am here in my silence,
You wonder what’s wrong,
As I search for some guidance.

Intimate social situations,
Bring on the worst anxiety,
Especially when you are,
Of great high society.

I pray to overcome this fear,
To let myself about,
I am screaming inside,
My personality needs to come out.

You look deep into my eyes,
And with a calming voice,
You whisper across,
Please come out and rejoice.

A big smile comes over,
My once frozen face,
You finally broke my ice,
I break out of my safe place.

As dinner went on,
I talk and tell stories,
We laugh and we joke,
As I bask in your glories.

Coming out of my shell,
Can be so hard to do,
I am so happy I did it,
I am so glad to be with you.