Hold Me Father

Hello my loneliness,
So we meet again.
Dancing in the darkness,
Needing a partner,
Needing a friend.

Now I sit in the corner,
Wishing I didn’t know,
I cannot claim ignorance,
To my being ignored,
But need encouragement to grow.

I am stuck in a learning pattern,
With wisdom comes responsibility,
Sorrow, and even grief,
but I feel secure and safe,
Behind the cloak of plausible deniability.

Yet, You still hold me accountable,
For all the Words You wrote to me,
This longing for attention,
Only getting empty affection,
Please, deliver me out of all this self pity.

Hold me Father.

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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