I Am Alive

I am alive, alive,
Alive today,
Because God spoke to me,
Spoke in a tender way.

I wanted to give up my life,
One I thought was over… and lost,
Rejected. Abandoned. Abused.
My life I wanted to toss.

God didn’t send an angel,
He spoke directly, loud and clear,
Have faith in me, daughter,
There’s a lot of life left to live here.

I was right next to you,
When he punched you down,
I gathered your tears,
When they flooded the ground.

I have heard all your screams,
Your screams of pure terror,
All this trauma has not happened,
Has not happened in error.

You remained faithful and true,
Even when filled with despair,
I want you on earth,
You have purpose down there.

For the plans I have for you,
Are great, yet not mild,
Your race is not finished,
Let me hold you, my child.

All those words of hurt,
Emotional and physical pain,
Have only made you weary,
Rest in Me, in Me you will sustain.

Though life has not been good to you,
Remember my Son,
In His perfection was still nailed,
Was nailed so you may live on.

I know you still have hopes,
I know you still have dreams,
There is more to your life,
Than what it seems.

With all God’s words,
Floating around in my head,
It was Him who reminded me of my worth,
I thank Him, I am not dead.

I am alive,
And thrive today,
Because God spoke to me,
Spoke in a tender way.

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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