Skin And Bones

Skin and bones,
Created from dust,
These skin and bones,
Chase the wind and lust.

They run the wrong way,
Straight toward Hell’s gate,
If they continue on,
My soul will meet a fiery fate.

Fueled by dissatisfaction,
A life never fulfilled,
Trying to fill the hole,
Using the gift of freewill.

Never challenged my potential,
Abuse myself with all I have done,
With a heart full of sinful desires,
I never thought about what I could become.

Then came a day,
I heard about Your saving grace,
About when my skin and bones will die,
And my soul would rest in heaven’s place.

All I had to do was have faith,
Believe You were born of a virgin,
You lived a perfect life and died,
So I may have Salvation and conversion.

I accepted your free gift,
You hydrated my dry bones with the Living water,
For I shall thirst no more,
And my heart is finally full, thank you Father.

Now I am forever Yours,
And someday I will say goodbye,
To these skin and bones,
And join You by Your side.

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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