Share The Gift

Where the lost wander,
In desolate lands,
Looking for the water,
Wandering in the sand.

There is a one true Savior,
One who is all times,
One who can pluck them,
From their withering vines.

Look up, look up,
Study the skies,
They do not see the creator,.
For their eyes are still blind.

Who will they run to,
When life is at its end,
Who will go warn them,
Who will God send.

God sent us to go,
And minister to the weak,
He sent us to love,
The strong ones and the meek.

God gave us the water,
To share it all around,
God gave us His light,
And seeds to plant on the ground.

God gave us each other,
God gave us His Son,
God gave us love,
To share with everyone.

God gave us Salvation,
God gave us a way,
God gave us His mercy,
God gave us His grace.

Share with the lost,
As they wander in desolate lands,
Share with them the water,
As they walk in the sand.

Share your testimony,
About our Creator,
Share how you came to know,
Our one true Savior.

Be the one they run to,
When life’s got them down,
Refer them to our God,
Who will turn them around.

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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