The Day I was Saved

You are here for a reason,
I hear the preacher man say,
With so much passion,
He is preaching away.

Talking about some Savior,
Who will forgive me all my sin,
Then, I reflect back on my life,
And I begin to cringe.

He says, come get saved,
From what? I do think,
Starting to wonder,
About this whole thing.

There is a place called Heaven,
And one called Hell,
You have the option to choose,
So choose well.

I sit quietly,
I begin to listen to all his words,
Then, a still small voice,
Is all I heard.

Come to meet your Father,
Come pray and accept My gift,
I will forgive you forever,
Then my mind begins to drift…

Who was that speaking?
I look around to see,
No one else seems to hear it,
I guess it was just me.

The preacher stops preaching,
Soft music did play,
I walk down to the altar,
And I begin to pray.

The preacher man comes over,
And asks how I am doing,
I said I want to know Jesus,
And leave my lifestyle of ruin.

His eyes are a light,
As we bow and pray,
I will always remember,
This day I was saved.

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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