Studying the rivets,
Covered in duct tape,
What have I done?
They said it would be great!

Donned in a harness,
The strong smell of diesel,
My thoughts in full throttle,
Popping my ears to make them equal.

The door suddenly opens,
I scoot up and take the stance,
Two miles up in the air,
People below, smaller than ants.

Leaning out,
Waiting for the signal,
My heart takes a big leap,
As my instructor begins to wiggle.

This is it,
This is the dive,
I say a quick prayer,
That I stay alive.

Wind smacking me in the face,
I can barely breathe,
As I feel the cold air,
Whipping around me.

In the sunshine so bright,
Falling in the foreground of blue skies,
I am so overwhelmed,
I am saturated with delight.

I see the patches,
Of green and of brown,
The beauty of God’s creation,
And buildings all around.

Then, the freefall comes to and end,
With the parachute deploying,
My body straightens out,
Floating, to the ground I am going.

Sliding into the soft grass,
All my fears have depleted,
My adrenaline is high,
A goal in life, completed.

Published by Jenn Till Lee Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

Writing poems as an outlet for healing. My hope is in Christ

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